HiveMind Concept

Project Description

  • Dates: April 2019 - Present

  • Position: UI Designer

  • Skills Developed: Graphic Design, Front -End Development, Usability Testing

  • Client: ENTR 390


The millennial population is now more than ever less mindful due to hectic schedules and grind culture. This often results in the demographic being less aware of their own well-being. We all live busy lifestyles where we are bombarded with imagery and sound. A cocktail of sensory overload.

In daily usage, users are exposed to various external factors that affect their perspectives that they often don’t have time to digest mentally. This mindset is studied to have long-term psychological effects, resulting in/worsening anxiety, depression, etc.


Provide a hub for users to find meditations and spirituality resources that encourage them to be more aware of themselves.I

How can this be achieved?

  • Work with the teachings of the guided chakra alignment and or balance meditation method.

  • Adopt the usage of deep meditation method for environment and time.

  • Keeping the meditation period to a ten minute session.

  • Create a minimal user interface graphic aesthetic.

HiveMind provides a space for users to have access to resources that aim  to encourage New Age spirituality and general mindfulness in their everyday. The creation of this space allows people who are often busy with day-to-day responsibilities that do not have time to allocate towards introspection and learning of the self.

App Screens Presentation.png


The core audience of HiveMnd is geared towards men and women, age 19 to 25. It may seem like a small age gap, however we get very busy in certain parts of our lives. As more millennial and GenZ-ers struggle with the pressure of school life, growing connections, and using social media apps for the most part, introducing young adults  to the basic principles of meditation would be ideal.These users would use the app to take into account their well being. Taking a moment to rest from excessive external factors would be an added benefit.

Market Research

Digital wellness apps have seen a considerable amount of growth in recent years. According to Sensor Tower, in the first Quarter of 2018 the top 10 ranked digital wellness apps (U.S. alone) had a collective gross revenue of $15 million across iOS and Android marketplaces. Sensor Tower reported the top 10 apps also made 170% more revenue worldwide in Q1 2018 than the top 10 wellness apps did in Q1 2017 in the App Store and Google Play worldwide.


Persona 2_1_3.png
Persona 2_1.png


Most of the iteration process were concerning how to differentiate the multiple .resources the app provides, which is mostly controlled and navigated through the home screen. Initially, I iterated surrounding the ideas of placing the lunar tracking, meditation , and educational materials in one central place to create an interface that is easier to navigate. However, the more I iterated around this principle, the app hime screen appeared too cluttered to be approachable. This is a stark contrast between the finalized prototyped prioritize the chakra-oriented resources over the apps features.

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 9.28.51 PM.png
Artboard 1.png


After conducting 10 selective user interviews, I built a collective list of trends mentioned throughout user interviews. The respondent selection was aimed at collecting feedback from current Wellness App users. I chose this selection of users because we felt they would provide the most accurate insights to what subscribers want out of a wellness application. I also hoped to identify where users become less engaged in their customer life-cycle.

User Concerns

  • Too many resources within app.

  • Navigation Home screen prioritizes chakra learning as opposed to meditations

    • Need for hierarchy of resources provided so one is not more accessible than the other

  • Need for a tutorial to navigate different portals of information.



In order to solve the problem of people involved or interested in spirituality having generally busy lives and not being able to progress in mindfulness in addition to spirituality. This often results in this audience not having the resources in order to continue their journey in this interest. This app satisfies this need by acting as a hub of resources in order for them to not only learn more about the topic, but also about themselves in the process. By providing a hub of resources and interactive tracking of users behaviors to give the best information, it gives a credible amount of information and resources, such as meditations without the users having to otherwise scour the internet and discern which activities and data is the best for them on a spiritual  level.

Initially, I attempted to have the app simply act as a tracker for the chakra influences on the person from a day to day. However , i thought ab it more in my experiences and figured that most of that endless time consuming effort comes from searching all the other resources, the best solution to make a hub that is fast acting, hence the action for the user navigation all primarily being within a simple tap to and from with limited scrolling necessary to jump from resource or portal to the other.

In terms of navigation and keeping the tone to be a point on introspection, I chose to use the complementary scheme of orange and magenta  , which evoke on a psychological level of intellectuality but also open and approachable. This approachability is mimicked within witnessing the type that is overwhelmingly the Helvetica and open sans , recognizable and clean.

The creation of this app where inspired by pre existing apps such as Astromix and Headspace. Headspace is an app that focuses on the access to meditations alone while Astromix gives advice to uses based on lunar tracking and the user birth chart information as it works in tandem with planetary movement.These apps satisfy a similar need of providing resources in a hurry , but not addressing all needs in terms of education and next steps, and tracker progress.



Prepare the application to include messaging and community discovery using the Google API in an actual project launch. In terms of fixing, I would like the app to become more of holistics, to address, that would mostly mean to make the app more advance on desktop versions