Project Description

  • Dates: January 2018- Present

  • Position: Visual/UI Designer

  • Skills Developed: Graphic Design, Front -End Development, Usability Testing

  • Client: Together Chicago



Together Chicago s a non-profit focused on improving economic development, providing access to education, reducing violence, and mobilizing faith communities within the city of Chicago.

Our team has created an interactive web-based mapping application that displays open-sourced data of the City of Chicago in a searchable and filterable format. Data can also be analyzed and exported from the platform. This project helps individuals and non-profits make better data-driven decisions that will provide a positive impact on the Chicago community.

Visual Identity andk Branding final _Yazmon Ector -page-001.jpg



Use Cases & Personas

Low Fidelity


In progress

Web 1920 – 6.png


Interviews and Observations

Design and feature decisions will be defined based on stakeholder and user interviews.


  • 2 stakeholders, who are also system users

  • 15 minutes

  • Audio recording & notes


  • Users do not want to be shown curated data correlations.

  • Success is encouraging users to embrace unexpected conclusions.

  • Biggest perceived user issues: navigation and intimidating datasets.

Testing Process

Site design and development will be validated at every sprint with usability testing on prototypes.


  • Latency Testing: Timed TravisCI and TestingBot tests, real-life timed tests

  • Data Usage Testing: Measuring page size using browser dev tools

  • Stress Testing: simulated user load tests

Qualitative Testing

Usability Testing with a paper prototype


  • 5 users

  • 10-15 minutes

  • 3 tasks

  • Recordings of moderate & critical errors

  • User feedback session


  • Most critical errors happened in the search filter sidebar.

  • Testers showed confusion with default information and search capabilities.

  • Default map view should include the entire city of Chicago and the search bar should be obvious.

User Evaluations

IMG_20180323_153755 (2).jpg

Final site build will be validated through user feedback with usability testing and formal feedback evaluations.


Next Steps

  • Survey to target user population to gather more information about ideal data sets.